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TransportMarketplace is the first B2B market place dedicated to the logistics of airfreight, seafreight, riverfreight, railfreight and roadfreight. TransportMarketplace brings together shippers and logistics suppliers concerned to work together in a spirit of collaboration for the benefit of service quality and mutual respect. To achieve this, TransportMarketplace has created the Win, Earn & Share European business model: if you Win and Earn, you Share. The shipper who solicits the marketplace and finds new suppliers consumes a transaction. The supplier who confirms the orders received consumes a transaction. We are waiting for you. Join us!


No subscription no fees to pay!

Just 4 euros for each successful transaction!


Receive offers for your shipments or your transportation services.

Confirm your orders and stay updated.

Manage your documentation flows (Bills, B/L and much more)

Track your shipments worldwide.

How to earn transactions?

+10 transactions offered for each new registration.

+10 transactions offered for each registration of your suppliers.

+10 transactions offered for each invited colleague.

+10 transactions offered for each new user you refer.

A guarantee for companies.

Our quality as a software publisher in the freight transport sector is a guarantee of neutrality. We do not interfere in the content of transactions between the users of the marketplace. All exchanged documentation, quotations, orders and their confirmations, B/Ls and de-materialized invoices are accessible only to the recipients. Our financial independence allows us to invest exclusively in what matters to our users. Only transparency and kindness.


Extract from recent public requests.

2 offres

United states Singapore air packed Pallet with isothermal kit

United states Singapore
Kentucky Nee Soon East
5 offres

United states Kenya ocean container 20’ RF

United states Kenya
Connecticut Western
2 offres

United states China air packed Treated wooden skids

United states China
Idaho Sichuan
3 offres

Canada United states air packed Filmed pallet(s)

Canada United states
Ontario Virgin Islands
7 offres

United states France air packed Wrapped pallet(s)

United states France
Arkansas Burgundy and Franche-Comté
4 offres

United Kingdom United states air packed Unstackable pallet(s)

United Kingdom United states
Leicestershire Alaska
3 offres

Canada United states air packed CTN(S)

Canada United states
Ontario Minnesota
3 offres

United states Malaysia ocean bulk liquid Chemicals

United states Malaysia
Indiana Perlis
3 offres

United states Australia ocean bulk liquid Chemicals

United states Australia
Missouri Western Australia
2 offres

Malaysia United states ocean container 40’

Malaysia United states
Terengganu Oklahoma