A drone is simple to use, without a pilot on board and non-polluting, but to transport people in a real urban taxi, it will first be necessary to optimize the batteries. CityAirbus aims to build the electric bus of tomorrow that would transport 4 people at 100km/h, by vertical take-off and landing.

Drones are the logistics operators of tomorrow. Drones allow the rapid delivery of objects using air transport. More and more delivery companies, such as La Poste, UPS, and online sales specialists, such as Amazon and Google, are using a delivery drone for the fast delivery of small items. La Poste has already made experimental deliveries in France.

Autonomous drones are programmed to deliver parcels of goods automatically. An autonomous drone can deliver objects in less than 30 minutes to the most inaccessible places by a remote control system. Ideal for remote mountainous areas, a drone can be used to lighten rail, road and maritime networks. A drone offers a delivery range of 20 kilometers and can exceed 70km/h.

The use of transport drones could reduce the number of jobs in the transport and logistics sector, but employees could switch to the profession of drone pilot, which requires training such as glider pilots.

Emergency relief agencies are also considering the use of drone delivery in natural disasters for the delivery of humanitarian pharmaceutical and food packages. In Australia, drones are used to transport coffee. The University of Maryland Medical Center in the United States already uses drones to transport organs awaiting transplantation from Baltimore to significantly reduce travel time. Data management companies for the transport of conventional and non-conventional organs are being established.

Inside warehouses, drones are used to optimize transport and inventory management. But they can also be used to control outdoor stocks by flying over mines and quarries.

“Drone-vertising” can also be used to distribute gifts by air and to distribute flying posters.

Airborne drone specialists offer the sale of drones or the rental of drones for projects or events. Pilots and cameramen can operate remotely on the ground or in the air.


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