Compared to international maritime transport, air transport is the fastest means of door-to-door freight transport, plus pre-carriage time, airport waiting time, loading of goods and post-arrival transport.

It operates as the main freight in multimodal transport, both nationally, in Europe or internationally, in import and export. It can then be connected to river transport or land transport such as road transport. The freight forwarder is the international transport company that orchestrates the sequence of different freight transport operations.

Express freight allows the urgent transport of light and fragile products requiring a precautionary handling service, perishable or limited-life products, such as live animals, consumable food, flowers, chemicals, radioactive products, or simply pallets. The mode of transport is used internationally for exports.

But there are few cases in which air transport represents an advantageous cost compared to sea freight. Air freight does not allow a lot of weight to be loaded, unlike shipping companie's ships, but it does offer a lot of volumes.

Express transport is mainly chosen in the case of postal mail, such as letters and parcels.

Airport logistics teams follow a specific transport training course. All delivery documents Airway bill must be issued by IATA authorized personnel.

Aircraft tracking makes it possible to know the exact position of a package at an accurate time thanks to the flight radar which allows you to follow an aircraft directly.

All aviation information can be found on Air journal, Air info (civil aviation), Aerojournal (air war). They publish articles concerning all types of aircraft (passenger transport aircraft, freight transport aircraft, radar aircraft), in particular concerning the transport company Air France. It is recognized as a specialist in the transport of large Airbus aircraft components thanks to its BelugaXL aircraft, which is the best-known transport aircraft for international freight transport to 11 destinations. Air France Info Vols allows you to consult flight schedules in real time.

On the other hand, we are witnessing the development of low-cost airlines for tourism or business travel. These low-cost airlines offer a quick trip in planes with minimum comfort for a very cheap transport price.


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